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[LALEA7] Licurici - OR0207
Eigenaar: andrixnet
Plaatser: Laleaua Infinită
N 44° 51.211' E 24° 51.078' N 44° 51' 12.66'' E 24° 51' 4.68'' N 44.85352°  E 24.85130° 
Hoogte: 315 meter NAP
 Provincie: Roemenië > Sud - Muntenia
Cache soort: Onbekende Cache
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Tijd: 0:30 h    Lengte: 1.50 km
Geplaatst op: 2019-03-30
Gemaakt op: 2019-04-01
Gepubliceerd op: 2019-04-13
Laatste verandering: 2019-04-13
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1 Opmerkingen
watchers 0 Volgers
1264 x Bekeken
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Beoordeeld als: n/b
Cache attributen

Bij voorkeur in het donker te doen  Parkeerplaats vlakbij  Een zaklamp is nodig  Cache met veel natuur  De cache is alleen te voet te bereiken 

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Beschrijving EN RO

What could be more magical then fireflies on a beautiful night?

Lampyridae (firefly) is an insect family of about 2000 species. Not all fireflies emit light, though most of them do. Fireflies can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

Fireflies have elongated bodies and are usually black or brown. If you were to hold one in your hand you would notice their bodies are much more fragile then that of most bugs, so if you want to show them to your kids, handle with great care. Seen from above, the head appears to be protected by a large shield, a family characteristic. Most fireflies have their last 2-3 abdominal segments emit light.

Firefly larvae live in dar and humid places - soil, tree bark, even swamps. Same as the adults, larvae also emit light. 

Light produced by firefiles comes from bio-luminescense using an enzime, triphosphoric acid and oxygen. Light generating efficiency is 95% with very little loss to heat, a feat attempted but still never achieved by modern science. Measured proportional to scale, a firefly;s light is 1000 times stronger and brighter then that from a candle.

Their light may be yellow, red or orange and it is used for inter-species communication and also as predator warning.

Three species are common in Central Europe:

  • Lamprohiza splendidula
  • Lampyris noctiluca
  • Phosphaenus hemipterus

Of course, you may search this cache only at night, following the path shown by the geocaching fireflies.

Be careful where you walk at night, so surely you will need a flashlight. However be careful not to scare the fireflies away.

Follow the red ones along the way.

Be careful which way you go when you see the yellow ones.

Green ones will reveal the treasure.

Extra waypoints
WP nummer Symbool Soort Coördinaten Beschrijving
Parkeerplaats --- Parcare schit Trivale.
Extra hints


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