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[CB] Canalul Dâmboviţa - OR0151
Owner: miss_shady
N 44° 23.774' E 26° 13.360' N 44° 23' 46.44'' E 26° 13' 21.60'' N 44.39623°  E 26.22267° 
Altitude: 56 m. ASL.
 Region: Romania > Bucureşti - Ilfov
Cache type: Traditional
Size: Micro
Status: Archived
Date hidden: 2015-03-08
Date created: 2016-05-12
Date published: 2016-05-12
Last modification: 2020-03-07
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Description EN RO

Dâmbovița is a river in Romania. It has its sources in the Făgăraş Mountains, on the Curmătura Oticu. It passes through Bucharest and flows into the Argeș River 286 kilometres from its source, near Budești, in Călărași County.

The Dâmbovița often flooded Bucharest, especially the lower left bank, which was lower. After the great 1775 flood, Ypsilantis ordered a branch canal to be built, in order to prevent, or at least diminish the effects of such flooding; in 1813, Prince Jean Georges Caradja decided to clean up the river bed. The portion of the river flowing through the capital was channelled twice: in 1883 (to combat regular floods), and in the late 1970s, to aid in the replanning of the Central area and the construction of the Bucharest Metro. To prevent floods, in 1986 a dam was built between Crangasi and Militari quarters, and Morii Lake artificial lake was created.

Dâmbovița was polluted before opening in 2011 the Glina Wastewater Station, the biggest ecological project in Romania, which treats the sewage waters that are pouring into the channel which is built below the river floor. Before entering Bucharest, the river's water is already treated by the company "Compania de Apa Targoviste". After exiting Bucharest Dâmbovița waters were polluted, due to the hundreds of millions of cubic meters of raw sewage which are dumped every year directly in the channel below the river, but now the quality of water is much improved.

In Bucharest, the river is vertically divided into 2 separated parts. The lower part, under Dâmbovița river floor, is a channel which contains the sewage from the city, which combines when exiting Bucharest with the upper, cleaner part. There are river plants and fish that live in the upper side of the river and sometimes one can even see some fishers on the sides.

The quality of the waters is improved as of October 10, 2011 opening of Glina Wastewater Station which is the first sewage treatment plant of Bucharest (with a capacity of 10 m3/s), while a second one, which will clean all the water (with a capacity of 12 m3/s) should be ready by 2015.


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